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Scientific Discovery!
by slane

Scientists in Protopia have made a new discovery which they are currently calling ‘The Advancement’. We don’t know too much about this new breakthrough yet, other than ‘The Advancement’ could potentially mean allowing all Newtopians to do all their jobs in half the time. More as we hear it!

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Interesting coincidence at governmental dinner party
by Slarty

While visiting a dinner party, Mayor Hexidecimal noticed an unusual link between the birthdays of all guests. They were all born on the 6th day in a month. The major himself in June of 75.

Hermcorp stocks boosted by 12% as public are impressed by CEO's attempt to complete a crossword live.
by Korp

The CEO of Hermcorp is not known for his live stream events, but that all changed this weekend when he decided.....

The world record for oldest person to learn how to operate a GameBox Y has been surpassed.
by slane

Barrox completed this feat after his grandson was making fun of his inability to grazble......

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