by Slarty

We’ve all heard the stories about ‘Where we shouldn’t go’. But what’s lurking out there? Is it disease? Or contamination?

Our reporter, Tera, is here to tell you all about it. Check out the video above. Outside the walls of Newtopia, and the other cities, there is a patch of land we’ve known for years not to visit. But it isn’t because we’re worried about what could happen to you there. It’s because we’re worried about what could happen to IT. Where we shouldn’t go is actually a forest area and it is expertly managed by the ‘gardeners’ - skilled infrastructure engineers to keep it in check to make sure it is as effective and sustainable as possible, maintaining the forestry to provide us with a bountiful supply of natural o2, for generations to come. Adding in humans on a regular basis would stamp out new seedlings by creating footpaths, and overloading the micro-mosses with co2, more than they can handle on a day to day basis. So we select a few people to manage it, to keep it safe, and sustainable - forever! Watch the video above for more information.